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Redefining More

Magis means “more.” Magis Leadership Advisors is redefining more with each engagement and interaction. More quality, more depth, more connection, and more strength means more space to thrive.

Meet Peter Thompson


Meet Peter Thompson


As a CEO and Civic Leader, Peter Thompson has been around many blocks—from finance to politics, philanthropy to academia—and everywhere in between. He has led teams, advised executives, recruited top notch talent and driven success. Peter has also endured challenges, embraced his failures and learned from them.

His love of rich personal connection, combined with management and leadership skills, has led to a robust network of truly close, personal relationships.  His professional and civic experience, unique family lineage and life experiences helped him to easily and enjoyably build this network with people of all walks of life.

Peter Thompson founded Magis Leadership Advisors because he flat out loves people. His passion, drive and ambition come from the desire to connect people to other people, companies and resources to create a deeper and richer world for themselves, their businesses, families and communities.

“The conventional wisdom is often wrong. And Peter Thompson is usually right.” — Steven D. Levitt, PhD
Author, Freakonomics. Professor of Economics, The University of Chicago

Doing More for Others

We support individuals, teams and companies to reach greater success in all areas of business and life through an innovative model that integrates advisory consulting and talent identification, acquisition and individual development.

Consulting & Advisory

Based on real world success.


Executive Search

Personal not transactional.


Leadership Coaching

IQ meets EQ meets common sense.


A Balanced and Bolder More

At Magis, search is personal, leadership integration is integral and consulting is based on real world success.

Personal Focus

It’s easy to forget we’re dealing with people when the stakes are high. What separates temporary success from sustainable success is remembering that people come first. It’s how we do business at Magis, and our track record shows that it's not only the right thing to do, it’s a smart business move.

Leadership Integration

Identifying and securing talent is often the easiest part of executive placement. Drama often follows, and good hires go bad—really fast. Magis provides leadership coaching the first year post placement to support integration, and individual and group coaching ongoing as desired. Success is practically insured.

Real World Success

Magis’s network, processes and philosophy are based on decades of success leading and advising top companies. Peter Thompson knows what it takes to run a successful company, how to turn lackluster results to stellar ones, and to expand capabilities without sacrificing quality of life for leadership or employees.

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“I had the privilege of working with Peter Thompson for a decade. Over the entire time his commitment, creativity and superior communications skills helped to take Ariel Investments to new heights.”
Mellody Hobson
President Ariel Investments. Chairman of the Board, Dreamworks Animation
“Peter Thompson is a born leader who is brilliant supporting the success of others. His honesty, sharp mind and easy way of relating make him a natural for bringing people together towards a common goal. Peter has consistently positively impacted the careers of many leaders and helped many organizations exceed their goals.”
CEO, Achievement Asset Management, LLC Former Member of the UBS Group Executive Board
“As the CEO of a large financial services company, Peter exhibited a holistic approach to running his business; one part strategic, one part operational, one part fundraising...all of which were implemented with a healthy dose of common sense.”

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